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Bio-architecture defines the propensity to build an environmentally sound attitude towards the natural environment.

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Bioaris is a most sensitive to protecting the environment and all those technological innovations that can enable it to achieve this goal. Bioaris is then ready to respond to serious environmental degradation, and the increasing air pollution, bio-technologies by adopting sustainable.

The bio-building uses non-polluting materials, environmentally friendly both in the production phase and during disposal. In addition Bioaris proposes the use of alternative energy sources, aiming to energy saving client that allows you to amortize the cost of installation is not prohibitive, so limited thanks to some government incentives.

Some of the basic design principles of ecological design are:

The staff employed by Bioaris is of high quality and kindness, made by skilled artisans and professionals with proven experience of twenty years. Every worker has the basic training courses on new modulistiche worksite, especially on safety and accident. Our staff is able to operate in various sectors, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Bioaris has taken out insurance on liability and on all possible damages to third parties, to ensure the customer in any eventuality. Moreover, all our jobs are covered by a ten-year guarantee.